AI Tools List: Top 25 Most Popular AI Tools

Dig up the Most Popular AI Tools to make your work easier with this AI Tools List. Know their Optimum Utilization, Interesting Hacks and Much More!

AI Tools List: Top 25 Most Popular AI Tools.

The tech world is drastically changing, the best change is the evolution of AI throughout the last decade. In this world where AI can be your ally for everything you might want to do is nothing less than a blessing. Not only for personal needs but AI is also contributing hugely to businesses being an inseparable helping hand. From operations to marketing and customer service, there is a tool for everything. We are going to look for some of the handpicked ones in this AI tools list.

AI is proudly doing all the predefined tasks leaving the most critical part for humans, i.e., decision-making. AI along with machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision make things smoother and bring new solutions to complicated areas. Might it be healthcare, finance or education, it doesn’t fail to revolutionize the way to approach challenges, introducing efficiency and innovative solutions, redefining our expectations in crucial sectors. 

AI Tools List: Know about the AI, How it works, etc. 

You’ve got a bunch of awesome tools for everything – writing, project management, HR and recruiting, coding, video creation and editing, image creation and more. Also, having too many choices can be overwhelming. 

Let us make it simple for you to crack!

In here for AI tools list we’ve picked out and compared the best 25 so one can choose the most relevant option. Let’s just dive into the list!

1. ClickUp 

Seamlessly manage, organize, collaborate and keep track of all your projects with ClickUp. It’s a versatile productivity platform offering numerous features such as preparation of task list, time tracking, template library, real-time progress and much more. 

Best Features 

  1. Customised views allow one to manage work.
  2. ClickUp docs enable users to do tasks like real-time chat, attachment sharing, summarising notes, etc.
  3. Everything is centralised for streamlined collaborations between team members, tasks, statuses, etc. 
  4. Mind maps offer a visual outline of project planning and organizing.

2. Jasper 

It is a writing tool for content creation, allowing users to ‘teach’ the tool about the company and its brand value. All you need to do is provide it with simple inputs to generate high-quality content. From writing blog posts and product descriptions to making marketing copies, Jasper – the AI tool can get it all done smoothly.

Best Features

  1. Jasper Chat is an enhanced GPT version. It carries on conversation to understand user intent and provide required answers. 
  2. Understand what a company does and create branded content using facts, product catalogues, audience etc. 


As the name suggests it is another writing tool in our AI tools list. This AI uses machine learning to generate content like emails, headings, social media content, etc. 

Best Features

  1. It is available in more than 25 languages. 
  2. It has over 90 content templates and tools to experiment with.
  3. The best part has got is a built-in plagiarism checker.
  4. There is also an Infobase to store permanent information such as about your company so you need not re-enter it now and then.

4. Attract 

An AI tool for all your HR and recruitment roles, a revolution in talent sourcing. Basically, what it does is, scan more than 40 social platforms to find the relevant candidate profiles and eliminate manual intervention. Other than this, it also enhances efficiency by eliminating communication gaps and increasing reply rates. 

 Best Features

  1. This AI has wonderful self-learning skills which it implements now and then while searching for candidates.
  2. It follows principles like diversity, equity and inclusions for fair play. 

5. Textio 

An AI-powered tool again for recruitment needs, Textio helps you not only acquire great talents but also is a great ally in drafting job descriptions. Moreover, it can be a guide for recruiting teams when it comes to quickly optimising job posts and candidate outreach.

Best Features

  1. Textio has great insights for choosing profiles.
  2. It supports users in making strategic decisions quickly by providing real-time analytics. 
  3. Textio provides a wider pool of talented people by removing language biases. 
  4. Various customizations are available to alter it as per business needs. 

6. Figstack 

Figstack is a wonderful coding tool, providing its users with an incredibly revolutionary way of coding. From cracking down complex codes into simple, easy-to-understand ones to switching between different program languages it eases everything. 

 Best Features

  1. It allows users to create diagrams, flowcharts pictorial representations, and virtual mind maps ideal for their usage.
  2. Has a wider accessibility. One can connect anytime from anywhere. 
  3. The whole team can work simultaneously on this platform. This way it also enhances collaborations. 
  4. It has features which let you document your functions effortlessly with a docstring writer.

7. Github Copilot 

Another coding tool from the best AI Tools List is the Github Copilot which lets you write code faster and in relatively a simpler way. It is multilingual and offers more than one suggestion wherever possible. Moreover, using machine learning aids programmers by enhancing coding efficiency, and predicting and generating responses for completing code lines.

Best Features

  1. It assists coders working on multiple programming languages. 
  2. Also, one can seamlessly integrate it with popular other tools.
  3. Not only a coding tool but also an educational resource provider for coders with diverse patterns. 

8. Descript

A video editing AI-powered tool enabling one to produce polished videos. Seamless voice-overs, diverse visual elements, titles, captions, and animation layers. Here either one can choose from pre-installed voices or add their own while doing voiceovers. In other words, you can edit your script and add visuals later as slides and your video is ready.

Best Features

  1. There is the studio which transforms your low-quality recordings into high-defined ones. 
  2. It properly removes fillers and makes speech quite impactful.
  3. High-accuracy conversion of audio to text is possible too. 
  4. Also, one can easily edit or replace parts of audio whenever required. 

9. Synthesia 

An AI which can generate videos for you and your business. Also, you can use it for educational purposes by producing instructional content powered by AI. Uploading any picture is not also a compulsion here, as more than 100 avatars are available for free use. All you have to do is edit it as a slide. 

Best Features

  1. Multiple languages for voiceover and subtitles are available.
  2. The text-to-video feature is a miracle and eliminates the need to record yourself.
  3. Smooth transition and expanded global reach by engaging wide viewers is also possible with this AI.
  4. The addition of a brand logo and theme is also possible.  

10. DeepDream

This is AI which enables you to transform images to make them appear into dreamy and surreal ones. Enhancing ordinary pictures, bringing out patterns and shapes, producing abstract visuals, and making hallucinations into images is what DeepDream does. 

Best Features

  1. It explores neutral network layers for artistic visuals.
  2. Also, editing music videos, music and poetry is possible.

11. Uizard 

Easy way to design apps, websites and user interfaces using this AI-driven tool. Its design assistant brings incredible facets. You can also create mockups from text prompts and drag and drop ideas to make them real. Simply, bringing an idea to life is a few steps task now. 

Best Features

  1. Uploading screenshots and converting them into editable mockups.
  2. Predicts key areas of UI designs where users focus.
  3. A variety of templates are available for use without the need for change.

12. Pikazo 

For turning lame photos into visual art. Pikazo works like a brain which takes the picture into its memory and assembles it into an art providing every possible detail. It is similar to Deep Dream but it works on the pictures provided to it not on text description. Using human simulation, this AI converts pictures after reimagining them as a human would have.

Best Features

  1. A wide variety of styles are available.
  2. Combining more than one style is also possible.

13. Looka

Create logos with the help of AI known as Looka without looking for and spending on a professional graphic designer. As per the business needs model, design preference and a other few simple questions Looka can generate business logos, cards, and other marketing material. Further edits in colours, fonts, and symbols like stuff can be done quite easily. 

Best Features

  1. 300 + lucrative templates for merch, letterhead, business cards, and more.
  2. Extensive customized tools for unlimited edits.
  3. Budget-friendly tool.

14. ChatGPT 

Introduced in November 2022, the ChatGPT was a revolution in the AI industry. It’s still a buzzword in 2024.  ChatGPT is there for everything you might want to do. From professional to creative writing, question-solving, simplifying complicated stuff, learning something technical or writing a love letter. It can do all of it. Also, one can set out a standardised tone for writing, it adapts things quite well with a perfect prompt.

Best Features

  1. Human-like content generation skills with broad knowledge.
  2. Conversational AI model.
  3. Multilingual capabilities for global use.

15. Divi AI

Divi AI a wholesome AI. Whether you want to write code, create content, generate images or improve your website it can do it all. It’s three in one with professional writing skills, the expertise of a web developer and the skill of a digital artist. Whether you need to set your tone, modify length, improve clarity or add creativity to an existing topic or want a fresh piece – Divi AI do it all!

Best Features

  1. It suggests ideas to write when you have nothing in mind.
  2. Get your images edited as you want, either a photo or an art. Adding elements to an image is possible too. 
  3. Upscale the existing resolution for images.

16. Wordtune 

Another writing aid for you from the list of most popular AI tools is wordtune. Get more efficient and professional writeups. Whether you want it to write job descriptions or replies for professional messages, wordtune does it in a blink. Moreover, it can summarize videos, provide answers to complicated questions, and elevate the existing content.

Best Features

  1. Seamless integration with Windows, iOS and Chrome. 
  2. It’s multilingual and adaptive to various tones.

17. Second Brain 

Make your social media postings easier with the Second Brain AI tool. Let it write tweets, messages, captions, emails and more for you. It works on any type of website or social media site you want. Train the bot with various content sources such as webpages, files and documents to assist you or your users in future.

Best Features

  1. Smart self-learning chatbot which interacts with your customers.
  2. Conversational quick assistance to your website visitors.

18. INK

For all your SEO optimization needs and writeups, INK is the AI you need. From finding keywords, seeding them in the content, making marketing copies, and finding relevant audiences to increasing the website’s traffic, this AI will do it all. Moreover, it paraphrases content, generates images, plans content, searches trends, and provides you with predefined templates. 

Best Features

  1. Natural language optimization is available.
  2. Easy integration with WordPress, Unsplash etc. 
  3. Special modes for colourblind and dyslexic people. 


Make outstanding presentations with Smart templates are available as a blueprint for making presentations. Use great designs by just adding your content and seeing your slides getting ready on auto-pilot mode. Sign up from anywhere and anytime. 

Best Features

  1. It also comes in a team plan using which you can control your brand from one account.
  2. Various templates are available to play around.  

20. Runway

Generate next-era art with Runway AI. Tell your stories better than ever before using incredible videos or images. Give a prompt or a sample and get your storytelling videos or images ready! Make your images move, remove any background, train custom models or erase things from your videos. 

Best Features

  1. It researches you too using Gen-1 and Gen-2.
  2. AI-based video editing to automate key processes. 

21. aiXcoder

aiXcoder is a programming AI tool which provides you with method-level code generation using natural language. From writing a whole new code to finishing uncomplete codes. It uses adaptive search tailored for API use cases, catering to dynamic and varied querying. 

Best Features

  1. Customized dedicated intelligence engine and enterprise code search. 
  2. Supports various programming languages.
  3. It is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, Clion, Eclipse and others. 

22. Paradox

An exceptional recruiting AI for all your needs, Paradox is quite an outstanding one from the AI tools list. It automates hiring tasks like screening and onboarding via text messages. All your repetitive tasks are done well on time with zero effort. It’s like a recruiter you have hired in an AI format. 

Best Features

  1. Multilingual answering the questions. 
  2. Easy integration with diverse HR technologies.
  3. Amazing chatbot for a better experience.

23. Midjourney

The most popular AI, generating art like having a visual artist create artwork for you. Midjourney generates text-to-image with endless possibilities and lets you choose a style and watch your imagination come alive. This AI can analyze and understand patterns, styles, and artistic elements from existing artwork and utilize them in future creations.

Best Features

  1. Design and visualise fashion accessories to furniture pieces with its ability to generate 3D models.
  2.  It reimagines historical events and creates realistic scenes based on them.

24. Blackbox

Another perfect AI tool for coding is available in various languages. It is mostly used to spot issues in your code trying to improve the quality. It offers intelligent suggestions tailored to your needs.

 Best Features

  1. More than 20 programming languages with advanced algorithms pinpointing problems in a code.
  2. Budget-friendly AI tool. 

25. Alli AI

AI tool to assist all your SEO needs! Perfectly designed for marketers to simplify their work. Alli AI lets you search keywords, tracks and reports the effectiveness of your SEO and helps you in making informed decisions. With this incredible AI, the creation of impactful advertisements is a piece of cake.

Best Features

  1. It refines landing pages for you and maximizes return on investments. 
  2. Customised content as per every person’s requirement. 
  3. Conduct data analysis and offer valuable insights.

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