Top Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Statistics of 2021 to Improve User Experience in 2022

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics (CRO)

There are a lot of conversion rate optimization (CRO) factors that determine the outcome and best use of incoming leads on your website. Following are some key statistics based on the results of recent times, which you need to keep in mind to enhance your conversion rate optimization plan further:

  1. The conversion rate of an average website is 2.35%. If your website is at a primitive stage, it’s good if it’s conversion rate is between 2-3%.
  2. The conversion rate of best websites ranks 11% or more. This makes their conversion rate almost 5 times more than that of an average website.
  3. Given that it is comparatively difficult to type on small screens, the average conversion rate of mobile ranges around 1.53%.
  4. The conversion rate on desktops is 4.4%, which is almost three times that on a mobile phone. This is given due to their more user-friendly screens.
  5. The average conversion rate of Facebook ads stands at around 9.21% across all the industries.
  6. The lowest conversion rate among all the eCommerce stores is of sporting goods, which is rated around 2.35%.
  7. On the contrary, food and beverage items garner the highest conversion rate of 4.95% in eCommerce industry.
  8. The highest average conversion rate in the B2B model is of the profession and financial services, which is rated at 10%.
  9. On the other end of the spectrum, the lowest average conversion rate in the B2B model is of non-profit organizations, at 2%.
  10. For every $92 spent on customer acquisition by companies, the amount spent on conversion rate optimization is just $1.
  11. The companies which are scoring top in conversions spend almost 5% of their total budget on conversion rate optimization.
  12. Given the rising importance of CRO, almost 55.5% of companies intend to increase their budget for CRO.
  13. On an average, companies are spending almost $2000 for different tools which can enhance conversion rate optimization.
  14. There are almost 66-68% of businesses that are still not relying on a proper strategy of conversion rate optimization.
  15. Almost 48-50% of marketers do create a new page, whenever they come up with a new marketing campaign, for a specified and targeted approach.
  16. If you increase the number of landing pages up to 10-15, there are chances that the number of incoming leads increase by 55%.
  17. If you create more than 40 landing pages for your website, the number of incoming leads increases by 12 times.
  18. There are currently 62% B2B businesses, which currently do have landing pages less than 6 in number.
  19. In addition, there are 44% B2B businesses that do not have any landing page at all, with their clicks directly going to their homepages.
  20. If you reduce the number of form field to 4, the rate of conversion increases massively, with that going up to 120%.
  21. The average completion rates of multi-page forms are generally higher than those of single-page forms in a website.
  22. The ‘click here’ wordplay has a more emphasis than ‘submit’, with the former being more effective by having up to 3% more conversions.
  23. If you ask for telephone numbers in form fields, the conversion rates can drop by up to 5%.
  24. The use of marketing automation tools for your website can make a significant increase of 451% in qualified leads.
  25. The lead generation of longer landing pages is more effective than that of shorter landing pages, with the former garnering 220% more leads.
  26. If you remove page navigation option from your landing pages, the conversion rates are enhanced by up to 100%.
  27. Almost 56% of marketers prefer A/B testing for their CRO method, which is helpful in generating higher conversion rate.
  28. There are 52% of the companies which test the landing pages used by them for increasing the conversion rate.
  29. To ease of the operation, most of the companies stay away from multi-page testing.
  30. The landing page conversions are increased by up to 86% by the use of videos to explain various kinds of stuff.
  31. The conversion rates are further increased by up to 161% by the use of user-generated content.
  32. Personalized call-to-actions (CTAs) have 42% higher conversion rate as compared to non-personalized CTAs.
  33. The personalized email messages are very effective in increasing conversion rate by up to 10%.
  34. Anchor text CTAs have an almost 121% higher conversion rate when compared to button CTAs.
  35. If the loading pages of your website are slow, the conversion rates can drop by up to 7%.

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