Future of SEO in 2024: Top Trends You Need to Know

Unveiling the SEO horizon, a comprehensive guide to SEO Future 2024 and beyond.

Future of SEO 2024Picturize SEO Future 2024, where staying afloat in this fast-moving river means understanding three key currents, putting users first, keeping ethics, and riding the wave of advanced technology.

Reasons for such happenings are firstly, integration of smart tech like AI and machine learning into search engines. These technologies act as astute investigators, figuring out exactly what users want and giving them a spot on search results. As more people are diving into the online world, the only way to stand out is by serving what users actually want.

Then there comes Google, the leading search engine, full of quality content promoting stuff that’s got quite a good experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness. With this amazing cheat code of ethics, Google has made the internet a trustworthy place.

Adding on to it, take AI like ChatGPT into the scenario. Such a wonder is making SEO more like a chat than a formal website. Being a conversational tech in online presence isn’t just a trend, it is how the internet is evolving.

Keeping up with the changes isn’t just a game of tech buzzwords, it’s about being where the action is! To get a better ranking in search results and attract more visitors, the SEO future is an ongoing adventure in adapting and staying ahead of the curve.
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E-A-T Principles: Enhancing Your Website’s Authority


There is a drastic shift in the SEO landscape toward strategies highlighting a profound understanding of specific topics, commonly known as tropical authority. It is quite easy to get this incorporated into your website. All one has to do is be a reliable source of information for your niche, and cover everything in the topic you offer.

Famous search engines like Google care a lot about the reliability of the information. In this context, authority is defined by factors like experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness encapsulated as E-A-T. Implementing these principles can significantly improve your website ranking.

Websites need to share really good and accurate information and show a link to reliable sources. Improvement to websites can be done by putting on well-researched content, adding a layer of authenticity and building trust among users.

By sticking to these rules, website owners can make their platform a well-respected source of information. This steadfast commitment to expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness contributes to an elevated authority in search engine rankings, making the online presence stronger.

How to do it?

For SEO future in 2024, becoming a go-to expert on a topic needs a smart approach to your content. Here is how to do it:

  • Smart Content Creation

Long-form content is growing as per trends in Future of SEO 2024, making detailed and smart content about specific topics is the need of the hour.

  • Experiment with Content

Start with different types of content about related things that align with the changes and find out the best working one for you.

  • Easy to Explore Website is the need

Manage your website in a way that it is easier for people and search engines to find all the required content. Work on the user interface!

  • Plan it well

Use a lot of suggested topics in your plan. One can use tools like Semrush’s topic research tool to get ideas for your content. Also, take the help of expert insights.

  • Know the Topic Cluster hack

Organizing your content into groups is known as Topic Clustering. Connect the main page with subpages well to make navigation easy. Again, Semrush’s audit tool can help you to check and improve how well pages are linked.

Leverage video content for better SEO


In the era of visuals, video content is the best and trending hack for marketing. About 3.5 billion people worldwide are into digital videos with 2023 ending. Imagine how wide it will grow by 2024.

Top search engines pay attention to trends as well. Almost 89% of people believe that videos play an important role in convincing them to buy products/services. Now the question is how businesses can use video SEO to get more customers.

Firstly, adding videos to your website can make it entertaining and boost SEO. Also, people tend to spend more time watching than reading, hence it will increase users’ time on websites, lower bounce rates and get them engaged.

To boost how well a website shows up on a search engine, it is essential to have good video content. Hack is to use catchy titles, tags and add SEO keywords in the audio, video description, and make thumbnails appealing enough to attract more clicks.

Things to remember:

  1. Video shall load fast and work well with mobile.
  2. Keep it interesting and crisp.

How to do it?

Dive into the world of video creation by setting up a solid video SEO strategy for SEO future in 2024.

It might seem tempting to jump into starting to create videos because obviously, it is quite a promising way out. But, without a strategy, it’s like shooting an arrow in the dark. A reliable strategy is your secret weapon to make you stand out in the rushing world of video creation. Strategy-making ensures your audience will value it and come back for more related content.

Don’t know where to start? Pick up tools like YouTube keyword research tools to find and use relevant keywords in title, description and tags boosting the chances of people discovering your videos.

Once the research is done, start with video production and distribution.

Tips for better results:

  1. Use tools like Canva to create attention-grabbing thumbnails.
  2. Include transcripts and break down your videos into separate ideas for better use.
  3. Add metadata and description with focused keywords to improve ranking.

Enhance your current content


In the fast-paced world of online content, it’s crucial to keep your content fresh and updated to stay relevant and maintain a good position on search engine result pages (SERPs). There is a term content velocity which refers to how much content is published in a specific time period. Just take YouTube as an example where creators upload a whopping 30000 hours of new content every hour as per the mid-2022 rush.

With so much content flooding in, what’s important can switch really fast making the shelf life shorter. Hence in this game to stay ahead refreshing content regularly is the real need. Other than keeping content accurate make sure your content idea matches what’s trending while following SEO rules.

In reference to SEO future in 2024, long-form content is becoming important for SEO purposes allowing marketers to use more keywords, offer valuable insights, boost search engine rankings and organic traffic. This also helps websites become authoritative, building trust and leading to more conversions.

Regular publishing long articles can increase website visibility and more backlinking from reputable sources.

How to do it?

Use tools to know the rankings of important keywords. Set alerts for fluctuations in the position and rate the existing content.

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Decoding the landscape with zero click Searches

The prevalence of zero click searches is growing. This is where users do not click on any of the displayed search results.

Several reasons for this are:

  1. Local businesses and services – Google often shows info like location and contact details right on the search page.
  2. Quick conversions – For searches like ‘USD to INR’, Google gives you answers directly.
  3. Celeb information – Searches about celebs often show a box with basic info like age and occupation.

How to do it?

To deal with searches where people don’t click on results, you can change your strategy. Try to get featured snippets for queries that usually don’t get clicks.

Some searches don’t end with a click for different reasons, like when there’s already a quick answer shown. But, certain types of searches are more affected such as

  1. Clear featured Snippets like a definition.
  2. Questions where the answer is easily shown.

Will going after these types of keywords immediately bring more people to your site? No, this isn’t magic. But getting featured snippets for these keywords is a good thing. This increases the chances of getting clicks from people checking results and gives you more recognition.

Also, being a leader is advantageous as more people are likely to click on your site in future. Also, tools like Semrush’s keyword magic to figure out and aim for specific keywords.

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Adapting to changes in user search intent

People are now searching more with the intention to buy or make transactions. Google is adjusting its search results to focus less on just giving information.

Our state of search study found that there’s a clear increase in searches related to buying or transactions. On the other hand, searches for general information have gone down. This shows that Google is moving away from mainly showing informational results.

Understanding what people want when they search has always been important in SEO strategy. It ensures that the content matches what users are looking for. But, with the improvement of technology like AI and how people use voice search, the way we ask questions is changing.

Now, people talk to search engines more conveniently, like having a conversation. Asking for quick answers and using voice search.

To adapt to shifting user search intent and realign your content strategy accordingly, follow these steps:

  • Comprehend the evolving intent

Employ tools like Semrush’s keyword magic tool to investigate how keywords relevant to your business are changing with a focus on transactional and commercial intents. Analyze the emerging questions and phrases to ensure effective responses to the queries.

  • Optimize the transactional queries

Make sure that your product pages, pricing pages, and other content geared towards transactions are well-optimized for both search engines and user satisfaction. Leverage Semrush On-page SEO checker to confirm these pages are optimised for their designated keywords and aligned with user intents.

  • Monitor performance

Utilise Semrush‘s position tracking tool to closely monitor the ways changes in user intent impact your website’s traffic and conversions. Adjust your content strategy in real-time based on the acquired data, ensuring a continuous alignment with evolving user intent.

Google search generative expertise


Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is like a smart upgrade to how you search online. Instead of just showing regular results, it uses AI to make you more helpful and clear answers right at the top of the search page.

As more people start using it, how we search and find information might change. This also means websites will need to adapt how they create content to get noticed.

SGE makes searching friendlier by providing quick and clear answers to your questions. It even adds pictures and talks to you in a more casual way, making it feel like a conversation. It is essential to note that SGE is not like a chatbot, such as ChatGPT.

When you search on Google instead of a list of links you get a special result powered by AI. This result includes links to where the information comes from and suggests other things you might want to explore. Think of it as Google becoming a helpful assistant, understanding and chatting with you in a more human-like manner.

Right now, SGE is only available to some people in the US, and it works in English.

The shift towards a more interactive and user-friendly search experience is not just a cool idea. Businesses are spending a lot of money on this technology. The market for this kind of AI powering is worth 100 billion USD.

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