Top Instagram Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Grow

Read the best Instagram marketing tips to grow your business successfully on social media.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Since its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has come a long way from just a photo sharing app to a huge marketing place. The increased level of engagement and number of users is just a proof for that. From small scale to big names in all kinds of industries, all are using Instagram to make their reach to their customers and audience easier and more interactive in general.

Following are some of the Instagram Marketing Tips which you can use to make yourself more successful in creating a brand of your own:

  1. Using a business account – Compared to a personal account, a business account serves additional benefits like Instagram ads, insights and shopping, different primary and general messaging inboxes and additional buttons for contact and call-to-action. All these additional features help in better reach to your viewers/customers.
  2. Define the exact reason for Instagram marketing – Before starting, you should be aware of what your goal of using a business account is. There can be many – whether it is to make the enhance the presence of your business online, or to get new leads, or to sell your products directly from app
  3. Make your profile optimized and specific – You need to make your profile look organized and specific, which can be done by optimizing your Instagram bio, name, username, website, category, contact info and call-to-action buttons. Be specific about the details and number or characters of all these details you mention.
  4. Insert a clear profile photo – In case of business accounts, a logo of your business account understandably serves as the right profile photo for the job. The Instagram profile picture is shown in a circle at 110 by 110 pixels, so make sure that your picture is large than these dimensions to make it look clear.
  5. Create content which looks visually compelling – Nowadays, the visual representation in Instagram is not restricted to only pictures, but a variety of other features. The list includes videos, reels, behind the scenes posts, quotes, regrams and instructional posts. You can make use of all of these to make your content crisp and engaging.
  6. Enhance the look of your brand on Instagram – To make your account look aesthetically good in an organized and beautiful manner, you can upload the posts in such a manner that they are in sync with each other with consistent color scheme and feel.
  7. Make use of good captions – Actions speak louder than words, but the latter anyways can catch one’s attention. Describe your posts with catchy and elaborative captions – for organic posts, they should be in the range of 138-150 characters, and for ads, it should not be more than 125-130 characters.
  8. Wise use of hashtags – Hashtags work great when it comes to increasing the visibility of your content. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in one post, however, depending on the relativity of your post, you can use in between 5-10 hashtags. Make sure they are not spam-related and are related to your niche.
  9. Consistent engagement with audience – Along with consistency in uploading posts, you should also be consistent enough in engaging with your audience. This can be done by replying to their valid comments, respond to their tags on a post for a potential collaboration, re-sharing their posts related to your content.
  10. Focus on Instagram stories – Business accounts nowadays focus more on stories rather than posts, through which they have a higher level of interaction with audience. Make sure your Instagram stories have a message delivered in first 3 seconds, have call-to-action button (like ‘swipe-up’) and are aligned your brand’s values.
  11. Use stories highlights and covers – In case you want to reap the fruits of your uploaded stories more after their existence period of 24 hours, Instagram allows you to save them in the ‘highlights’ sections. You can create ‘highlights’ by saving your top stories in dedicated album form, with the option of customized covers for them as well.
  12. Use ‘gift card’ sticker – You can use to the feature of stories on Instagram to sell digital gift cards, which is one of the best techniques to keep your followers engaged to your account. For adding a gift card, click on ‘edit profile’, then click ‘action buttons’ under public business information and then click on ‘gift cards’ in ‘select a button’ section.
  13. Create anticipation for a product – If you intend to launch a new product or event, you can use some of the features of Instagram, which can create a sphere of anticipation around it. Features like ‘countdown’ sticker is one such feature, which can make your followers wait for the product/event.
  14. Use ‘Live’ for more interactive engagement with followers – The ‘Live’ features allows you to connect with your followers directly, where they can have a visual conversation with them, take interviews and reply to their queries as well. The ‘Live’ session also allows you to collaborate with another person under ‘add a guest’ section.
  15. Build up ‘shop’ on Instagram – You can create a dedicated ‘shop’ tab on your account, in which you can list out your products with all of their details, including their prices. In this case, the followers can directly purchase your product under this option from their account.
  16. Test your creativity and consistency with ‘reels’ – The ‘reels’ feature is undoubtedly the hottest feature of Instagram right now. With this feature, one can create multi-cut videos which can explain the features of your product/brand using latest trends and creative ideas. The more is the number of views, the more is the engagement and popularity of the product among viewers.
  17. Posting content at right time – Timing matters, and it matters even more on social media. Different types of businesses have different types of buyers and audiences, and it is very important to know the dates and time periods in a day when the audiences of these businesses use Instagram.
  18. Partnership with influencers – To make your product/brand/event more popular among audiences, you can collaborate with influencers who have a huge customer base. Under this partnership, the influencers can market your product by posting about it from their account. You can also invite the influencers to take over your account for a definite period of time.
  19. Create Instagram ads – You can run paid Instagram ads from your account based on location, interests and behaviors of your followers. These ads can be posted through both stories and feed. However, for this, the bigger is the audience or number of followers, the more is the effectiveness of the ad.
  20. Use ‘analytics’ to track your strategy – Just like other marketing tactics, Instagram also provides the option of tracking your progress and performance through ‘Instagram Insights’ feature.


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