Which Social Media Platforms to Use For Business?

Know the top social media platforms that you must use to amplify your business’ brand reach and gain more customers.

In recent years, social media platforms have become a much bigger base for amplifying a business. With their large user bases, social media platforms give a chunk of audience to the business owners, who can make use of them in making people aware of their products and services.

The influence of social media platforms in business operations has risen to such an extent that more than 74 per cent people use social media tools before making a purchase decision. Following are the most sought-after social media platforms which businesses should focus on.


With over 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook serves as the biggest social media platform when it comes to business. The best way to commence business on Facebook is to create a dedicated Facebook page for your business.

A Facebook page allows you to not only interact with your audience through both text updates and projection of information through visuals, but also sell your products online and promote new content. You can also create more engagement among people through contests and questionnaires.

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Ever since it was acquired by Facebook, the Instagram is reaching new heights of popularity. Not only the user base of Instagram has crossed the 1 billion mark, but it also has undergone a lot of changes to facilitate social media marketing.

You can start a dedicated business account on Instagram and engage with your audience through a number of features, such as reels, IGTV, shop, stories, Live and many other things. In terms of interaction, Instagram surely is the most creative platform for business owners in today’s date.

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With more than 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube too has a potential customer base as large as that of Facebook. People tend to grab knowledge and information better through visuals, especially videos, and YouTube with its video-oriented platform feels right for the job of social media marketing.

A business owner can use YouTube to project detailed description and reviews of his

product, which makes it easier for the end user to get the nerve of that product. A video content of YouTube also has better reach through other search engine options like Google.


Twitter started off as a precise and on-point social media platform to put up your thoughts under 140 characters, with the bar raised to 280 characters off late. However, with over 350 million users globally, Twitter has also emerged as a big platform for social media business.

You can update all the major and up-to-date information related to your business through tweets. Given their character line, the tweets make the business owners to create precise and interesting information.


An app which started off as a pinning website for visual content you liked on the internet, Pinterest too has grown a lot in all these years. The current user based of Pinterest has more than 450 million users, which show that people love enjoying visual content and using them for their references.

Pinterest too can be used for social media marketing, as business owners can use different types of graphic design and pictures to make sure they are found relevant to the purpose of their targeted audience.


Among all these social media platforms, LinkedIn feels like the most professional one, with its user interface being simple and on-point for employer-employee interaction. Linked currently has more than 310 million users all over the world, through which people look out for employment opportunities and connection build-ups.

The business owners too can use the connection build-ups they create on LinkedIn. A business owner can use his LinkedIn profile to get the know-hows of his business with the help of his connections and other similarly operating accounts.

So, these were some of the very popular social media platforms for business growth. Comment and let us know which additional social media platforms do you use for business.

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