Google and AI-Generated Content: Details, Google Guidelines and AI Content Detection Tools

Google and AI-Generated Content: Know the Growth of AI, Google Guidelines, and Tools to Detect AI-Generated Content.

AI-Generated Content

With the growing accessibility of AI and Google, with less time and more hustle to do, AI-generated content is growing as well. Especially with the introduction of ChatGPT in 2022, cases of AI-generated content are on a hike. It’s just like a toy was put on the ground in enough capacity to be used with no cost by Open AI and the people randomly have started slaughtering it, playing with it and the results are incredible. Honestly, everybody has witnessed the marvellous creativity that has flourished on all the social media platforms in these years.   

Growth of AI and AI-Generated Content

We all know that AI has been a recent buzz across the globe for a couple of years. But in reality, it all started decades ago. To be precise in the 1950s, it was the first time, Alan Turing proposed the test for machine intelligence. Officially, the term Artificial Intelligence(AI) can into pictured 6 years later than this test. And, in 1959, the first self-learning program was developed. Of course, not as AI is these days but crazy enough. 

Later, in the 1960s, an early natural language processing program, ELIZA was developed. Also, at Stanford Research Institute a robot demonstrated problem-solving and reasoning capabilities. This stopped nowhere. However, there were many failures of the roadmap of AI growth and even many of the developers limited their minds to the extreme AI could do. AI keeps on growing and evolving in different corners of the globe. 

In 1997, another AI success was marked when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated a chess champion. Later, in 2009, Siri was born and who doesn’t know what Siri can do and how well it works? After this, in the past decade, hits on hits in the field of AI have been showcased. Every company involved is trying to set a benchmark with something new. From AlexNet breakthrough in image recognition to Google’s DeepMind developing AlphaGo, none of them got a chill.

And there came into the picture the most haunting and surprising one Open AI with GPT, a model capable of doing it all. From writing, image building, advising, chatting, drafting and assisting with any kind of help one might need – ChatGPT is the cure!

AI-Generated Content 

AI-generated content is not only limited to writing, needless to say, AI can do many more things than one can realise. 

Text Generation

AI excels at generating written texts, crafting compelling strategies/narratives, informative articles, and even creative stories with human-like fluency and way more knowledge.

Image Creation

Using sophisticated algorithms and deep learning techniques, AI can make, update and alter visually stunning artwork, generate lifelike images, and even produce original designs that captivate the imagination.


AI is nowadays famous for producing high-quality audio content, ranging from synthesizing human-like voices. Making narratives, dialogues, composing music etc. 

Video Generation and Alteration  

Using AI, amazing videos can be generated from scratch and altered seamlessly. From enhancing visual effects to entirely adding new scenes.   


From legal documents, marketing material, coding and way more stuff, AI can do it all in a simple prompt.         

Concerns with AI-Generated Content

AI-Generated content has various problems with it such as: 

  1. Data Privacy 
  2. Security Issues 
  3. Adversarial Attacks 
  4. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Quality Control Issues 
  6. Loss of Human Connection
  7. Creativity Concern
  8. Homogenization of Content

Google’s Guideline on AI-Generated Content

Automatically Generated Content is a Manipulation with the Rankings

Google is not generally biased about the source of the content but the AI-generated content, as per their experience, is manipulative to the search results. Google in its guidelines has mentioned how they always reward high-quality content without putting too much brain into how it is produced. 

But in there they also state how their guidelines are consistent over all these years about automatically generated content as they consider the primary focus of these is to manipulate the rankings and outplay the other genuine pieces. 

Google itself believed that AI is a good assistance tool for artists but the whole piece using AI is spam. That means using an AI as a helping hand is not problematic, it’s only the fact that generating the whole content from AI is a breach of the guidelines. 

Where it is empowering the artists, Google itself promotes that fact but spoiling the genuine is punished.  

E-A-T is always honoured 

Google believes the most in its E-A-T principle – Experience, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness are the pillars of any content getting rewarding Rankings on the Google search engine

They say, “Quality of content is always honoured, irrespective of how it’s produced. And to measure Quality E-A-T is the basis.”

Tools to Detect AI-Generated Content


Accuracy (in %) 90
Rating 4.5/5
Content uploading using URL  Yes
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) $5/month for 10,000 words


Winston AI 

Accuracy (in %) 84
Rating 4.2/5
Content uploading using URL 
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) $12/month for up to 80,000 words


Originality AI 

Accuracy (in %) 76
Rating 3.8/5
Content uploading using URL  Yes
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) One-time payment of $30 for 3,000 credits

$14.95/month for 2,000 credits



Accuracy (in %) 66
Rating 3.3/5
Content uploading using URL  Yes
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) $9.16/month for 1,200 pages


Zero GPT 

Accuracy (in %) 52
Rating 2.5/5
Content uploading using URL  No
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) N/A



Accuracy (in %) 58
Rating 2.9/5
Content uploading using URL 
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) Starting from $9.99



Accuracy (in %) 72
Rating 3.6/5
Content uploading using URL  Yes
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) N/A


Text Classifier 

Accuracy (in %) 76
Rating 4.7/5
Content uploading using URL  Yes
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) N/A



Accuracy (in %) 68
Rating 3.4/5
Content uploading using URL  Yes
Free Option  Available
Price (for Paid Version) $25/month


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