Local SEO Strategies to Increase Footfall in Hospital: Get These 10 Tricks Work For You!

Follow the Top 10 Local SEO Strategies for Hospitals and Grow Your Online Presence Locally: From Profile Optimization to Engaging Social Media to Drive Traffic, Everything in This Blog Post

As we all know, SEO is an essential part of ranking on the Search Engines Result Pages (SERPs). Local SEO, as the name says is a similar thing but it is more about growing a local presence and making your business grow in the geographical area it exists. Especially to rank higher in local searches it works like wonders. In this post, find the best Local SEO Strategies to Increase footfall in Hospitals.

Local SEO is more like putting a banner on Google saying “Hey, we are here serving you with the best equipment and doctors in this hospital.” This SEO strategy also helps in visibility when someone searches for “Hospital near me” or “Best hospital in this city” and similar searches. Hence, to rank in these searches here are the best techniques you can follow.

Local SEO Strategies and How to Use it to Increase Footfall in Hospital

Learning Local SEO strategies/techniques can help you really well. But what are these strategies, about which all this buzz is about? It includes a list of many such as getting listed online, adding online directions, gathering positive reviews, and ensuring accuracy as well as consistency online. The much-used local SEO strategies are as follows:

1. Optimising Google My Business Listing: Google My Business is an essential tool for you to make a significant online presence. Also, this works as a wonder when it comes to ranking better in local searches. All you have to do is add your name, address, photos, videos, phone numbers and other, and whatever you search for a business when you are exploring it online.

For Hospital – Provide detailed information about the services offered, specialities, operating hours, doctors available and other amenities provided as well.

2. Using the basics – SEO keywords: Use local keywords related to your business and the place you exist in. Stuff them in naturally like one generally adds keywords in headings, content, meta descriptions etc. Moreover, you can ask your reviewers to add those keywords while writing a positive review for you. Further, take care of the fact that you use similar keywords at different places and not stuff in the same way too much.

For Hospital – Add healthcare-related keywords specific to your area like cardiology, eyecare hospital, orthopaedics or dental clinic etc. Also, you can insert more than one in the case of a multispeciality hospital.

3. Mobile Optimization: To enhance your online presence, Google’s algorithm nowadays considers whether there is appropriate mobile optimization of your website. This way it ranks your website better and a whole better ranking reflects well in local rankings too.

Ensure the hospital’s website is mobile-friendly at the same time.

4. Local link building: Building networks has always been an important part of establishing a great business. Similarly, link building here is equally important as building your networks offline. All you have to do is build good relations with other businesses to earn backlinks to your website. Moreover, participate in community activities, and sponsor or help out in local events. Generate credible networks who are willing to grow your visibility on any other website or social media platform.

For Hospital – Seek opportunities for collaborations with community centres, professionals, charity organizations etc. Also, backlinks from reputable local sources can improve ratings for hospitals.

5. NAP Consistency: NAP here definitely does not mean your afternoon nap. Rather it is an abbreviation for Name, Address and Phone Number. Ensure the consistency of NAP across all the platforms having your online presence such as your website, Google My Business listing, social media platform and everything else. Inconsistency here can confuse google and mess with your visibility.

For Hospital – Getting yourself added to the local directions, medical directories, and healthcare-specific platforms improves your visibility.

6. Adding Business Directories: Adding yourself to the local online directories such as Justdial, IndiaMart, Sulekha, TradeIndia etc is another essential technique. Using this you not only add up more backlinks to your business profile but also get more credibility.

For Hospital – Getting a listing on various platforms specific to the hospital industry builds your local reputation.

7. More Localized Content: Create relevant content for your local audience. This includes adding relevant blog posts, articles, videos, news pieces and anything else relevant.

For Hospital – Creating local content addressing common health concerns, medical conditions treatment options and tips for prevention can improve engagement.

8. Positive Reviews: Adding customer reviews can grow your credibility as well as your presence online. It not only tells Google to rely on your business but also your potential leads will get to know about your wonderful products or services. Positive customer reviews create an impression. Make sure to reply to all the reviews positive as well as negative, it ensures your better image in public.

For Hospital – Respond to customer reviews, addressing concerns or feedback demonstrating the hospital’s commitment towards the patient’s satisfaction and quality care.

9. Local Schema Markup: Use local schema markup to provide search engines with additional information. Add up business hours, prices and other requisites which are even optional. Continue updating the information and make it reliable.

Try to add more specialists related to the hospital to let the patients know and this increases your footfall as well.

10. Social Media Engagement: Engage with the local community on social media platforms and share all about the local news, events, promotions, and reviews from other bloggers or influencers etc. Connect with the community and increase your visibility.

For Hospital – Use social media platforms to engage people by providing preventive care tips, informative content, technology addition in your hospital etc.

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